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TRT near me 44870 44839 Cleveland Sandusky Ohio Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Low T?

Are you struggling living with Low Testosterone? Feeling stressed, exhausted and not feeling your best? 

You’re not alone. 

If you're looking for personalized care to help you get your life back, we’re here to provide you with the professional care you deserve.


At Elite Medical Group in Downtown Sandusky, Ohio, we specialize in addressing these common concerns and offering effective solutions tailored to your needs.


We understand that many men may erroneously believe these issues are rare or just don't have the time to make that call for help. Many men, just like you have worked with us to finally restore hormonal balance and feel their best. We're confident that we can help you too. 

Ready to get started?  Book your Telehealth appointment today and start as early as tomorrow!

Our expertise in men’s health challenges has empowered countless men just like you to successfully overcome living with the side effects of Low Testosterone. T

Take the first step towards living a vibrant life by scheduling your appointment with Elite Medical Group.


Your journey to living you best life starts here.

Ashley Taylor, PA-C

TRT near me Sandusky Cleveland Toledo Columbus Ohio Testosterone Replacement Therapy near me


TRT near me Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cleveland Sandusky Columbus Toledo Ohio

Follow these 5 easy Steps to get your life back.


Complete the home test kit + drop it off in the pre-paid envelope 


We'll review your test results during your Telehealth appt & create a plan using targeted supplements + compounded RX-T cream


Expert Pharmacist will compound your personalized compounded RX-T cream + call you when it's ready to be shipped


Receive delivery of RX & targeted nutrients right to your door with follow-up so you know exactly what to do

Personalized Testosterone Replacement Therapy care by leading medical professionals

  • no shots

  • no expensive monthly fees

  • no hidden fees. total transparency 

  • trusted medical office. not an online mega co.

  • telehealthfrom the comfort of your home or office

  • flexible scheduling around your busy life

  • HSA + FSA + Credit Cards accepted

TRT near me 44060 44870 Testosterone Replacement Therapy near me

Let's Do This!



30-Minute Private Telehealth TRT Appointment w/Physician Assistant

Specialized Lab Testing 

Lab Fees

6-Month Follow-Up Telehealth Call

Scripts for One Year 

Free 3-Day Shipping &

10% off Supplements


one time fee



*(Supplements & T-creams are not included)

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