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Our Favorite Products

Our incredibly high standards for everything from supplements to EMF protection have given us the ability to confidently refer the best products on the market.

After owning & operating Health Food stores, our CEO has shared her insider tips for finding the highest quality natural products on the market to help you avoid being confused by marketing hype that looks like "science". After all, most products on the market claim they are "the best" or #1. We help you know what companies really are. 

We only recommend products we use ourselves and for our children. Whether they make our lives easier, our bodies healthier, or simply bring us joy: we have curated them here for you.


PS. Use PROMO CODE ELITE1 for extra special deals on select sites as noted below.



The Elite Healthcare Team

Medical-Grade Supplements

Dr Elizabeth Laffay Functional Medicine Sandusky OH Health Wellness Nutrition Doctor Supplements
  • NEW Elite Circle_edited

GMO, pesticide, herbicide, artificial anything free + made in the USA


Professional-grade Supplements

  • NEW Elite Circle_edited


Dr Elizabeth Laffay Functional Medicine Sandusky OH Health Wellness Nutrition Doctor

Organic CBD

  • NEW Elite Circle_edited

Medical-grade CBD used by Pharmacists + Physicians

Farm to Pharmacy

Healthy Home + Body

Non-toxic cleaners green

Get Clean Green Cleaners

  • NEW Elite Circle_edited

Green cleaners that actually clean!


Lauricidin Advanced Skin Care 

  • NEW Elite Circle

LauriShield™ Activated Topical Support Kit

On a Run

Pure Sports Nutrition

  • NEW Elite Circle

Trusted source to get you to the finish line faster + stronger

Earthing Functional Medicine Dr. Laffay Health Wellness Sandusky Ohio

Get Grounded

  • Earthing Mat

Patented grounding mats for yoga, workplace + bedtime

ELITE1 for 10% off

Somavedic EMF Protection Functional Medicine Sandusky OH 44870


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Fill your home & office with positive frequencies

ELITE1 for 10% off

PEMF Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency Mat Dr Elizabeth Laffay Functional Medicine Sandusky OH Health Wellness Nutrition Doctor


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Innovative Treatments

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Nourish Your Body

  • Port Edin Farm Castalia Ohio

Our favorite farm-Port Edin Farm

'Beyond Organic' Ecological Farm, Food, & Flowers

Farmer Jones Farm Ohio Organic Vegetable Farm Market
  • Farmer Jones Farm Huron Ohio

Farmer Jones Farm at The Chef's Garden is a brick-and-mortar Farm Market and online market.

  • Maca Root Juice Bar Sandusky Ohio

Whole foods, healthy shakes, and a vegan-friendly menu

Trusted Practitioners

lizbollini Liz Bollini Nutritional Therapy Nutrition Health

Liz Bollini, NTP

  • Liz Bollini Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Wholesome, holistic approach to wellness


Life By Randi

  • Life By Randi Mindset Mentor

Mindset Mentor

Change your life by changing your mind.

Head Massage

Sacred Healing Massotherapy

  • Functional Medicine Sandusky OH 44870

Our favorite Massage Therapist

Certified manual lymph drainage therapy, oncology massage, Swedish, hot stone, pregnancy

Beach Yoga_edited.jpg



Holistic Dentistry

  • Functional Medicine Sandusky OH 44870

Greater Cleveland’s Choice for Holistic, Biological Dentistry
Fluoride-Free, Mercury-Free, Mercury-Safe

Organic hair color

Hair Illusions Salon

  • Organic Color

An independently owned hair salon specializing in Organic hair color, products and services

Books + Empowering Websites

Children's Health Defense
  • Childrens Health Defense

Fighting for our children's future

FLCCC Functional Medicine Sandusky OH Laffay Health wellness Nutrition

Protocols in use by healthcare providers & many thousands of people around the world 

Medical Dr. Elizabeth Laffay Functional Medicine
  • Dr. Elizabeth Laffay Functional Medicine 44870

Frontline Doctors fighting for your right to choose what is best for you and your family 

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