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IV nutrition ozone functional medicine near me



Our vitamin C is sourced from FDA regulated 503b pharmacies, free of preservatives, NON-GMO, buffered for optimal absorption and tolerance & administered by a Registered Surgical Nurse/Paramedic specializing in IV Therapy

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Medical Ozone & with UBI ~ Two Therapies in One

Ozone IV therapy has been studied for its therapeutic potential since the 1960’s. Ozone treatment can improve antioxidant capacity and oxygen utilization, both of which can support immune function.

Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties have been used as a treatment for a wide range of conditions.

Ozone is the second most powerful sterilizer in the world and can be used to destroy bacteria, viruses, and pathogens.

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation-(UBI) therapy exposes the blood to ultraviolet A, B and C light to stimulate the immune system helping to destroy pathogens that may be present in the blood.

Since it is medication-free, it is ideal as a complement to other, more traditional treatment options.

Ozone IV therapy can help support:

  • Infections

  • Overall well-being

  • Skin conditions

  • Viral diseases

  • Circulatory disorders

  • Low Immune function

  • Low T-cell production

  • General inflammation

The frequency of ozone IV treatment depends on the patient’s health and wellness goals. Most people can expect 1 – 2 IV infusions per month to maintain their optimal health and immune function. Patients may receive infusions weekly if they are being treated for a specific medical condition.


High Dose Vitamin C | Consultation & Lab

Extensive medical research supports the use of high dose vitamin C to boost immune function and response, fight viruses and bacterial infections, eliminate toxins and oxidation, improve healing times and collagen production, increase energy and improve quality of life for cancer patients during chemo and radiation. We specialize in medical IV for therapeutic health benefits.

Used For:

  • Well-being

  • Autoimmune Diseases

  • Lyme Disease

  • Illness Recovery

  • Pre and Post Surgery

  • Skin Conditions

  • Reducing Inflammation

  • General Prevention

  • Longevity

Our vitamin C is sourced from FDA regulated 503b pharmacies, free of preservatives, NON-GMO and buffered for optimal absorption and tolerance. Our IV is a 50g therapeutic dose.


A G6PD (Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase) blood test is required before treatment can begin. 


Schedule a consultation with our medical provider to determine the proper treatment protocol for your high dose vitamin c therapy.

“Elite's medical team is the only IV providers I trust. My health has greatly improved by working with them.”

Julie, OH


Ozone IV Functional Medicine Near Me

Medical IV Vitamin C
or O3/UBI
$275 ala carte

Package of 5

Ozone IV Functional Medicine

O3 Starter Package-5 IV +

Ozone IV Functional Medicine

Cellular Regeneration10 IV+

New Patients not in our practice will require a one time Telehealth appointment prior to IV Treatments


5-O3 IV Appointments


5-High Dose Vitamin C IV

5-PEMF Sessions

5-PBM Sessions 

5-HALO Light Therapy Sessions


$1,825.00 Value

$250 Savings

10-O3 IV Appointments


10-High Dose Vitamin C IV

10-PEMF Sessions

10-PBM Sessions 

10-HALO Light Therapy Sessions 

$3,650 Value

$560 Savings

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