We are a leading nutrition consulting firm delivering intelligent nutrient solutions for physicians who desire well-being for their patients.


our mission

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achieving results

After owning two successful Health Food Stores & Cafe's, we understand that the supplement industry is unregulated and people are confused. 

Physicians understand now, more than ever the need for supplementation of certain vitamins & minerals for their patients.

Patients are searching, self-medicating & possibly buying supplements that they don't even need, interacting with medications or worse, might even be harming them.

EWG is here to help empower our clients about the purity, quality and efficacy of most supplements.

As a service for our clients, supplements that exceed our standards are available through our office.

Our guiding principles

We work in collaboration with Physicians, Hospitals, Insurance Companies & Health Care Professionals who are adding Prevention & Wellness Care to provide proven nutrient options for their patients.