Do you want average or do you want the best?

We have taken a fresh approach by using the foundation for our business model from our health food stores and we have grown. Of all those thousands of products we had on our shelves: some were good--most were not.

We knew that people deserved better.

The obvious difference with our company is our story and the diligent research we have done to find nutrients that can impact your health in a positive way.

We chose to go for better…way better.

OUR team can PERSONALIZE YOUR EXPERIENCE: shop one on one. There's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to nutrients. You need whatever makes you feel your best & that’s different for everyone.

We have Intelligent Nutrient options that help make those good-for-you choices easier.

The brands that we trust personally can be purchased through our office or refer you to our e-commerce website.

Contact us for a complimentary 10 minute conversation to see how we might be of service to you, your patients or clients.

​​EWG,LLC is an innovative consulting company for health care professionals and individuals who want an answer to the question, "Which dietary supplement brands can I trust for myself and for my  patients?"

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*We do not ever make claims to treat, cure or diagnose medical conditions. Please seek all medical attention from a licensed physician. We do not make recommendations or nutrition plans for you  but rather give you information so you can make informed and educated decisions regarding dietary supplements. We do not make dietary meal plans or suggestions but may share with you what we have done with food or dietary supplements to optimize our own personal health. If you desire help with food suggestions, please see our Registered Dietician. Our office sells dietary supplements to our clients at a 15-20% markup from cost. This still represents a discount to you of 20-25% from what you would pay for the same products as a retail customer. However, you are under no obligation to purchase any products from our office; you may purchase the same products elsewhere; and your level of service in our office will not be affected by your decision to purchase or not purchase products from our office.

Although Dr. Elizabeth Laffay, DO graduated from medical school with an Undergraduate in Nutrition and received her medical license, she functions in a non-medical role at EWG, LLC.
She is working to do something educational by helping to empower people to demand the best from any dietary supplement they would take or give to their family. She is not expanding any medical practice, treating, curing or diagnosing. We will not work with a client if they do not have an existing primary care physician.

Results are not promised. Every person is unique and will get a different result based on many variables. Client Reviews are used by permission from our clients. 

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We were founded on the simple idea that we wanted only the best quality dietary supplements for ourselves & our family. After owning health food stores, we came to realize the truth about the dietary supplement industry: it is largely unregulated. Along with our consumer base we blindly trusted products that were ineffective and often not what they were labeled to be.  As we came to realize the truth we took a stand & refused to trust the manufacturers word about quality anymore.


EWG believes we have a right to know what is in the dietary supplements we consume.

That’s why our company asks questions.

Tough ones.

Our guiding principles

The question is no longer "Do we need dietary supplements?" It is: "What brands can we trust?"

We believe that the details & fine-print are where the difference lies. Skip the marketing. We want the real story.

 With our values as our foundation and our guiding principles to help keep us on course, we embarked on a search. This search led to the development of a screening tool we have titled "Tips for Consumers".  It is a comprehensive questionnaire designed to find companies whose products are made in the USA, scientifically sound, and that we would feel comfortable putting into our own children's mouths.  These questions range from quality of raw materials to possible BPA in packaging bottles.  In the past 15 years of researching companies we have found less than a handful with impeccable quality, many that were average, and a significant amount that were downright disappointing.

Don't Settle for Less than You Truly Deserve. Ever.

Your clients, Patients & You Deserve Better and we're doing something about it.


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