We provide Intelligent Nutrient Solutions for individuals searching for optimal health as a compliment to the quality medical care that they are receiving from their physician.

We work in collaboration with Physicians, Hospitals, Insurance Companies & Health Care Professionals who are adding Prevention & Wellness Care to provide proven nutrient options for their patients.

After owning two successful Health Food Stores & Cafe's and now having Medical Professionals on staff,  we understand that the supplement industry is unregulated and people are confused. 

Physicians understand now, more than ever the need for supplementation of certain vitamins & minerals for their patients but simply don't have the time to spend with their patients to discuss nutrition.

Patients are searching, self-medicating & possibly buying supplements that they don't even need, interacting with medications or worse, might even be harming them.

Imagine walking into a Heath Food Store & having a Physician, Nutritionist, Nurse, Dietician & owner of that store being able to sit with you, answer your questions & help you find the vitamins/minerals & proteins that could benefit YOU.....not a one size fits all approach.

​Plus, we collaborate with your Physician, never try to replace him or her.

You get the best of nature AND medicine and ultimately can reach your healthy potential.


Our guiding principles

our mission

5 Simple Steps to Start

1. Contact us for a complimentary 10-minute phone consult to explore how we might benefit you..

2. Fill out a Wellness Profile.

3. MicroNutrient Deficiency Testing available.*

4. Meet with us to create a micro & macro nutrient plan unique to you. 

5. Begin to reach your true health potential.

* MicroNutrient Deficiency Test must be ordered by your primary care Physician.

Our mission is to help you reach your true health potential.

Elite Wellness Group, LLC takes an orthomolecular approach to health: belief in the power of vitamins & minerals to correct imbalances within the body.

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